Video library problems -- loop() and initiation location

I am encountering problems trying to use the video library in Processing 4.3 on Windows 11.

First, the loop() method within the Movie object does not work as it is supposed to. Even when I cut and paste the exact code from the Reference page into a new sketch, substituting my own .mp4 file, the movie shows fine just once and then the sketch stops. The movie is supposed to loop continuously, but it does not.

I can get by without that, but the second problem is more serious. It seems that the initiation command – e.g., myMovie = new Movie(this, “P1148078.MP4”) – must only occur within setup(), and not within draw(). I have a batch of family and travel movie clips that I want to display randomly as part of a slide show. So I need to be able to repeatedly do myMovie = new Movie(this, “filename.mp4”), substituting different strings for “filename.mp4”. But if I can only initiate myMovie in setup(), then I can never change it.

I’ve tried initiating myMovie in setup and then changing its filename in draw, with and without the “new” keyword, but that just crashes the sketch.

I suppose I could create a myMovie array in setup with all the possible movie names that might be used in the slide show. But I think that would mean that each possible movie would be stored in RAM, and after a while that’s going to become a very large amount. Is there any way I can get around this problem?