Hi ! Is there any new solutions for ip video in Processing 3 ?
I know the good library “ip capture” but only for receiving video, is there now the possibility to integrate the very good new tech NDI in processing for exemple ?
A library for that ? If not, how can I make that ? I’m not a professional programmer…
Thanks !

Are you saying that you want to broadcast IP video from a Processing sketch? From what – like a laptop webcam, or broadcasting your sketch canvas as a video stream? Can you explain more what you are trying to do, specifically?

Hi , thank you for replying !
For example :

  1. On stage, I have a computer with connected webcams that use “Resolume” software for the image processing and send in live the video on the network via the very good NDI protocol !

  2. In back stage (at 20meters), in an other computer, I would directly take this video on my Processing Sketch to make my effect and sending that on an other “Resolume” via Syphon protocol and launch that on my projector !

I tried to use NDI2Syphon > Processing > Syphon > Resolume … too much syphons… my computer crashed…

I know there is a NDI library on OpenFrameWorks… but in Processing ? My sketch is too long for remaking that on C++…

And if it’s not possible to find this library or to make this (how?), I can replace “Resolume” on the first computer by a Processing sketch but how can I send the video on the network in order to take it on the processing in the second computer on backstage ?

Thx very much !

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I’m not sure what this means? Do you mean that you are running parallel syphons, or that you are pushing too many pixels and have bandwidth / RAM problems?

If you want Java bindings for the Newtek NDI SDK perhaps check out Devolay. A new release came out just a few days ago.

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Try this:

A sender sketch and a receiver sketch both in Processing.
Based on Daniel Shiffmans Streaming Video on udp example.
Works well if the camera can be used in Processing.

Thanks for sharing this!

Maybe add this description to the repo description / the

Oh thank you for this ! It seems very good ! I will try this soon !

Thank you ! And sorry for my delay !
I’m very interest by this Java library for NDI ! But how can I use this in Processing ? Sorry, I’m not a developer, just mathematician, using computer for science and now artistic project :wink: !
Thank you again !

Drag a library jar or jars onto your sketch to copy it into the /code folder of that sketch.

Import objects from the library according to it’s documentation using the import keyword.

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Add a short readme, but I stopped any further development to encode h264 video stream on my own. In addition Jörg Haider stop development of the video library for Raspberry/Linux. And at least performance on a Raspberry 3+ is not sufficient.

Maybe I will continue later this year.

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