Streaming sketch output to different machine?

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I have an upcoming project which requires running the code and viewing the outputs on different machines, is there a way to stream the processing sketch over a network? It’d be great to get the data either as complete frames, or if there’s a high performance video streaming method anyone can recommend I’d appreciate that also. Are there any clear tutorials for how I might do this?


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This may give you some ideas?

Thanks for the reply! You’re completely correct that this would definitely get me thinking about how to use two different machines related to a processing sketch.

With regards to using a server can you think of any way to do the sketch rendering on the server? I really like to have code executed on one machine and the visual results being sent to another; said differently I want the processing sketch frames created on the server and sent for display to the client.

The reason I’m after all of this is I have access to a server that is quite a bit more powerful than my own machine but it’s headless and I would like to see the results. Thanks again for the info!

Here is a node implementation of canvas:

and node p5js:

I haven’t tried these libraries and perhaps I might now, but if you find this working for your project, I’d love to hear what you think of them.


Not tested… topic caught my interest and got me thinking about this.


More excellent leads, thank you @ErraticGenerator ! I’ll peak at those later today.

yes @glv that’s totally in the spirit of what I’m looking for.

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