Video Capture from Skydroid OTG receiver

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I have been trying to load video from FPV receiver using video library. I have confirmed that it successfully loads feeds from the webcam, and Capture.list() shows two devices, which it should: they are onboard webcam and the usb camera, which is the FPV receiver. However, </>video = new Capture(this, Capture.list()[1]);</> would give “BaseSrc: [ksvideosrc0] : Internal data stream error.” I googled the issue, but could not find an adequate suggestion. I also tried </>video = new Capture(this, "pipeline:ksvideosrc device-index=1);</>, but it would give out the same error message, but this time with an additional line: “WARNING: no real random source present!.” Below is the short script that I wrote.

I just solved the issue. Yeah!!! video = new Capture(this, “pipeline:ksvideosrc device-index=1 ! jpegdec”); worked for me.