Very basic traffic light

Thanks - problem solved!!!

black is fill (0, 0, 0); OR fill (0);

Yes, but in this case it makes the whole rectangle fill black, I want the rectangle colour to be different from text colour

I know

you have to say

fill ..... // set the color you want to have for the rect 
fill(0);  // black 

for both situations, red light and green light…

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Ah okay thanks I understand now. Thanks for your help!

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Very basic traffic light


boolean changeColour;

void setup() {
changeColour = false;
textSize (46);
size (240, 300);

void draw() {
rect (40, 40, 160, 200);
stroke (1);
if (changeColour) {
fill (0,200,0);
text(“Walk”, 70, 150);

{ fill (200,0, 0);
text(“Stop”, 70, 150);
void mousePressed()
changeColour = !changeColour;

How do I make the text black so you can actually see it?