Version 1.5 in windows10

It’s possible installed 2 differents versions processing in the same computer?
Actually im use the 3.37 version, but i need use open Ni and I thing (Im reading and research) it just works with 1.5
I wan to try the examples of the book Making Things See from Greg Borenstein…


It is possible :slight_smile:
Just download the version you want, unzip it somewhere in your computer and launch it.

I recommend creating a separate sketch folder for v1.5 makes it is easier to find the right sketch for teh right version.

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You may still need version 1.5 for compatibility with the book examples – but, just in case this is relevant to your problem:

I believe that SimpleOpenNI works fine with Processing 3.x. Here is a past discussion of SimpleOpenNI with Processing 3.3.6: