Using Sublime text.. Processing-Java error in Processing

hi there,
i am tryng to use processing with Sublime. I have been following the tutorials on how to set everything.
The only issue im having is that when I click build in Sublime, it gies me an error about Processign-java not found

“WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified
[cmd: [‘processing-java’, ‘–force’, ‘–sketch=C:\Users\Mars\Desktop\tes\build’, ‘–output=C:\Users\Mars\Desktop\tes\build/build-tmp’, ‘–run’]]
[dir: C:\Users\Mars\Desktop\tes\build]…”

Any help please

Hi @bardo,

Either add the path to processing-java to the PATH Environment variable or give the full path to it to the command configuration might help.

— mnse

Hi there,
thanks for your help I have just added the path to Processing-java to the Path environment
but Istill get an error when I try to run build it says " does not exist.
[Finished in 294ms]"

also not sure what you mean by “give the full path to it to the command configuration” :slight_smile:

quick question, does it matter which drive my processig folder is? At themoment I have it on my D drive not the system drive

Hi @bardo,

I mean in the build config for processing to add the full path to processing_java.exe so it will be calling

[cmd: [‘DRIVE:FULLPATH_TO\processing-java.exe’,

Shouldn’t be relevant which drive it is installed…

— mnse

Is working now!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: