Using gamepads on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS 32 or 64)

Hello everyone. I got a project from a firma that creates arcade cabinets with retro arcade games (like donkey Kong, pacman and so on). I need to create a videogame that will be controlled via a joystic (air fighter simulation) and run on Raspberry Pi 3. I use processing and completed the core gameplay but can not find any solution to implement the joystic control in my game. The best solution seems to be GameControlPlus by Peter Lager Quarks Place but it works only on my Windows PC - the exported for the RPI 64 bit version can not find right low level library for arm/aarch64 processors in the library sources (like .DLL for windows). The library is not more supported and I want to find an another way to read the pressed buttons and get the shifted axis values. Advice me please how can I use joysticks in Processing that runs on Raspberry Pi.

Big thanks