Using an integer to manipulate a string/text variable

Write a function that consumes a non-negative integer k and prints a k-size diamond. A k-size diamond consists of a top, a middle and a bottom. The middle is a single row of 2k+1 d’s. The top consists of k rows. The i throw in the top (starting from 0) contains 2i+1 d’s. The d’s on each top row are centred over the d’s on the middle row. A bottom is like a top but upside down.

Ex. k = 2;


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int k;
int l;

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);
  k = 2;
  textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
String s = "d";
text(s + s + s + s +s, CENTER + 200, CENTER + 200);  
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  • Please look in the reference at the keyword “for” and use a for-loop with i as a variable (which you mentioned). Then inside the for-loop use the formula you mentioned: contains 2i+1 diamonds.

You can use text(...., width/2, i*33); for text output; before this say textAlign(CENTER);

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