Updating to processing latest IDE

I want to keep writing and compiling sketches in 2.2.1
But my current IDE from 2.2.1 download does not include line numbers.

I want to use the current IDE with processing 2.2.1

Is this possible , to isolate IDE from processing

I don’t believe so – I believe that there are many points of integration, including the syntax highlighter, reference lookups, which items are downloadable from Contributions Manager, etc.

However, you could try opening an issue with this question on GitHub and ask the core developers if they have advice on how you might make a fork combining the 3.x IDE with Processing 2. Just don’t expect that they would have time to support something like that if it isn’t a quick-fix answer…

If you want line numbers, you could also use another editor such as sublime text, and create a build system that uses the command line to run the sketch.