Updating EXE Files Across Computers

Hello All,

How do you update an EXE program across different computers? For example, if I copy the
EXE file, and associated JAR files, the program hangs.

I’ve even tried copying an entire compiled (exported) folder, and still nothing seems to work.

Both Processing IDE versions are the same. I suspect this is a Windows 10 issue?

Any help is apprecated!

what exactly do you mean with “update”? What do you want to do?

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I just want to move the program to a different computer. I’ve tried moving the entire
application folder (EXE, lib, data, etc.) but it does not load.

It seems I need to recompile the EXE on the new computer to make it work.

Is there an easier method?

I think it’s figured out. Java was updated to the same version on both systems.

It appears to be working in this scenario. I’ll report any new findings.

Thanks for responding in any case.

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