Updating '1.0.3' processing version code to the current version of processing?

So i was digging through the internet to find the code of an application, i need, and i’ve successfully found it, but the thing is, the app was written so many years ago, that it’s outdated (it doesnt working properly), and the code needs to be updated.

The problem is, I don’t really know how to deal with it, i’m someone who’s a newbie, so i have no clue how to update it properly, without making any damage.
The whole application is consist of 4 .pde and one .java file.
So it’s not that small. I wonder if anyone could help me out on this. (the only reason i don’t paste all of those source codes, is that i don’t want to look like a spammer lol)

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Start smaller. Don’t try to port over the whole project. Try to port over a single function at a time. Test each one by itself. Then if you get stuck, you can post a MCVE along with a specific technical question. Good luck!

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You may also want to evaluate, at the top level, whether that piece-by-piece porting is likely to end in success.

For example: are there any library dependencies that are imported at the top? If so, are these libraries still available in Processing 3 – can you install them with the Contributions Manager or from github? What is in the java file – is it a third-party library, or a bit of code, and does it have its own imports (see previous question).