Upcoming changes for OpenGL on Mac

http://cdm.link/2018/06/apple-to-open-source-cross-platform-gpu-tech-drop-dead/ . Curious if anyone knows what this will mean for Processing? I’m aware that it uses OpenGL. Eventually will it only be available for PC?

My personal sense is that it is way to early to know what this will mean. There isn’t much information yet, and a lot could happen.

10.14 won’t be out until maybe this September, and then 10.15 is mid to late 2019 – and that is the very soonest we could expect a transition, if there was one. For example, as related conversations around the internet have pointed out, Carbon was / has been deprecated for 5 years…

Yes but there are other challenges ahead for processing on MacOS, processing.org are already applying custom fixes see apple.jar think-different crap, some of which will be no longer available in newer java versions (because of proprietary code and the like).

Still re:OpenGL / Metal, perhaps a MoltenVK / Vulcan renderer could become desirable or necessary at some point. I recall it was floated as a potential GSoC project idea last year.

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