Unusual computer question (CMOS) battery

Hello all
I have an unusual question about the computer’s CMOS battery location on the E39…
I plan to DIY a circuit design of my computer with (CMOS) battery.
I am looking to replace it, thinking it could be the cause to several mysterious electrical happenings, i.e. like the lights blinking on and off by themselves, car alarm activating for no reason. There are several other items to list but am most interested in finding out if anyone else has heard of similar issues?

I just thought CMOS because I can’t think of any other logical reason to having electrical issues. We bought it new, has never been wrecked, stalled in water/flooded or any major issues before… and this isn’t a major issue either, just trying to fix it if I can.

Appreciate your help


The battery itself is not a problem, it is only a source of power

When you replace it, nothing will change

Find another source of the mystery you are watching

The car alarm contains a complex code that is difficult to be affected by the battery

have another digital radio interference source !

Now is the winter season and most likely the humidity is the cause of all your mystery actions