Unused variables

the pde does not tell me or give me a list of unused variables declared but not used anywhere
can i get this somehow when i run the sketch.
it tells me if there is a variable it can’t find but i wanna know if i have ones i am not using and forgot to delete


It sounds like you’re asking about two different things:

Unused variables, like this:

void draw(){
  float x = 42;

And undeclared variables, like this:

void draw(){

Can you please post a small code example that demonstrates exactly what you’re talking about? Also what exactly are you trying to do?

Which version of Processing are you running? I use 3.3.6 and it shows yellow marks on the right side at every point where a variable is declared but not used. I’m not 100% sure if it works everywhere but I know for sure that variables like these:

void aFunction(int thisone) {
  println("i dont need any variables");

will be marked.