Unrecognized Library

I have managed my way through most the issues but am on what I believe to be the last step. I’m getting an error message that one of my libraries is not recognized. I attached two images, the first is of the error message and the area of the code where the error occurred, and the second is the file path that proves that my document is in the correct place. Any recommendations for insight as to why there is an error? I tried uploading the code into a 64 bit program, but that did not work (it told me the code had to be run on a 32 bit program). There are no special characters as far as I can see in the file path.

Hi, and welcome! :slight_smile:

I took a peek as I had an AAC account.

But it’s much better to post some code for easy copy/pasting to try out, and not an image. Preferably not a huge program like that appears to be though. Then it’s better to isolate the error in a minimal as possible program (sketch) that reproduces the error, and post that. Just saying.

I just did a quick search for JMyron. I’m not familiar with that library at all (nor sure if that’s really the error either). There might be a relevant thread here: https://forum.processing.org/one/topic/jmyron-not-working.html

Thank you! I hadn’t yet run across that thread. regarding the code, it can be found here:

or here

So I took a look at the thread but was still unable to figure out a solution based on those answers, suggestions?

Just noticed the error message also states it might work if the sketch is run as a 64 bit application. Tried that?

Btw, it’s not very “userfriendly” to have to log in to another site (and most likely most wouldn’t, or couldn’t if lacking an account, bother with that, so that alone diminishes your chances of getting help).

If failing running it as 64-bit, you might want to try to isolate the error. For example by making a new test program (sketch) just to try that JMyron library (which so far is the prime suspect), and see if that works. If it comes with examples or something to try out, use those (or websearch for some). If that doesn’t work, then start with troubleshooting that. Maybe by posting here and see if someone knows something.

Otherwise, I have no clue whatsoever really. Maybe others here have.