Unexcepted char \

Hello everyone.i have code,that encodes image to file with very small size…but it has bug,so output very buggy…but my question not that…on pc that code works fine,but on android its showing error see title of post on line “int r = (argb[i] » 16) & 0xFF;”…i didnt changed anything in code…

What is this symbol? »

Did you mean this? >>

Chances are good the code you copied didn’t format the bit-shift operator properly.

No,that is right…on pc that works…but on android wont…


i dont know wether createWriter works with android; yet i am absolutely sure that PrintWriter(File file) works: of course you have to save your file in external storage if you want to see it: by default android saves it inside the app and you cannot see it. Perhaps that is the problem you are getting …Dont forget to add permissions for writing.

BTW: i have tried adapting your code and read the created file.