Unable to use Video Library in Android

I cannot build any video library examples for Processing in Android mode.
Is there a separate video library for Android available?


Informations and reference

thanks jafal,
Acutally I need a UVC (webcam) library for Android, not Ketai. The standard processing video library for java (Windows) works well for this need, but is not implemented for Android. Also bugs with video library prevent use with P2D and P3D forcing downgrade to JAVA2D a much slower implementation.

experiencing same issue.

here is the error

Exception in thread "Thread-91" java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read the array length because "list" is null
	at processing.app.Library.wrapFiles(Library.java:427)
	at processing.app.Library.getApplicationExports(Library.java:437)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidBuild.copyImportedLibs(AndroidBuild.java:839)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidBuild.createAppModule(AndroidBuild.java:476)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidBuild.createProject(AndroidBuild.java:263)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidBuild.build(AndroidBuild.java:224)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidMode.handleRunDevice(AndroidMode.java:294)
	at processing.mode.android.AndroidEditor$17.run(AndroidEditor.java:421)

Don’t have a separate Android video library?