Unable to get matter.js working again

I am very new to the matter.js library, and I have already made a project using it, which works fine. However, I am now attempting to create another project but cannot get the same results. It seems like I have tried everything, even looking at the code to see where I went wrong, but they seem identical.

The first project I made, after calling the World.add() function, everything worked as expected, and the bodies fell due to gravity. However, this time, I am unable to achieve these results. I used the p5.js renderer in both these projects, yet the only way I seem to be able to render in this second attempt is by using the Matter.Render command. Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this?

Can you provide a link to your broken sketch, e.g. with the web editor? Are you getting error messages?

You might want to consult the p5-matter examples:

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I am not receiving any error messages, so I am really confused as to what might be causing this, as I have no clues that might tell me. I have included the JavaScript part of the sketch in the following Web Editor link.