Udp, hypermedia.net probleme to send some byte

Hello, i have a problem using the hypermedia.net library, i can’t send bytes, when i try i get error message: “The function” send () "expects parameters like: “send (String, String, int)” ".
While normally it is possible to send some.
I specify that I start on processing.
If anyone has an answer.


Take a look at the UDP examples.
I created two sketches to talk to each other on the localhost.

I modified this to send the ASCII table as a byte array:

 * on key pressed event:
 * send the current key value over the network
void keyPressed() 
  //String message  = "";	// the message to send
  byte [] data = new byte [256];
  for (int i = 0; i< 256; i++)
    data[i] = byte(i);  
  String message = new String(data);    
  String ip       = "";	// the remote IP address
  int port        = 9000;		// the destination port
  // formats the message for Pd
  message = message+";\n";
  // send the message
  udp.send( message, ip, port );  

And voila!

I also printed the received message size and it is 256 as expected.

See also an example (complicated or simple depending on user experience):

That is as far as I explored the UDP library. :slight_smile:

I worked with the existing examples at first and did a search after for:

Convert a byte array to a String in Java – Techie Delight


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