Two problems of using video capture

Hello guys, yesterday I first tried to use video capture. I ran the example code in Daniel Shiffman’s book, learning processing, to display live video. But, the live video displayed is very choppy and laggy, meanwhile, the screen color is so weird. I don’t know why, so I post my problem here, looking for a solution to make the live video displayed normal.

The code is as followed:


Capture video;

void setup() {
  size(320, 240);

  video = new Capture(this, 320, 240);

void captureEvent(Capture video) {;

void draw() {
  image(video, 0, 0);

Here is a screenshot of the live video displayed, using video capture.

The reason for this problem may be that I do not configure processing properly, so here I list all the operations I have made before using video capture.

  • I am using a Windows 10 computer.
  • I am using Processing 4.0b8, and the video library version is 2.1.
  • Based on the instructions in “learning processing”, I installed Quicktime 7 as well as WinVDIG_101 before using video library.

By the way, I can display the recorded video normally, so I guess problem should only be concerned with Capture.