Trying to find the easiest way to export custom maps

Hi all,
Long-time Processing user, but new to the forum.
I’m wondering if someone can give me a suggestion of the best way to accomplish this.

I am visualizing a series of GPS coordinates, spanning a large part of the globe. For example, I will visualize my ancestors migration from Ireland to Canada.
I’d like to be to export a map with place names and boundaries (or roads) centered on a given GPS coordinate, with a defined window (lat/long bounding box). I would like to be able to do this for every step along a trajectory, to create a film, so it needs to be automated.
I’ve tried with Basemap in Processing and several Python packages, but I’ve just not found a way of getting this working.

Any help is much appreciated!

Sounds like a cool project. Which part of this are you stuck on? What did you try with Basemap, and what didn’t work about it?

I’m stuck on actually controlling the bounds and zoom of the map.
I was mistaken in my post, Basemap is the python package I tried, I meant geoMap from gicentre.
I’ve read through all the documentation from and tried each of the examples from the package.
What I would like to be able to do is return a portion of a map using the bounding box coordinates, something as close to this as possible:

drawMap(minLongitude, minLatitude, maxLongitude, maxLatitude);

Does anyone know a Processing package that can do this (or another scriptable solution)?

You might look into using Unfolding Maps.

Googling “java openstreetmap” returns a ton of promising results.

You could also look into using Google’s JavaScript maps API.

Cool, thanks for the tips!