Trimming Audio File Using P5.js

Hi I have a question that can I trim the audio file that I recorded using p5.js?. I had to trim the first 3 seconds of my recorded file.May you help me.I will be very thankful to all of you after this act of kindness, Thanks

looks like you ask for some help for p5 sound lib?
but if you have the file already
( downloaded to your browser download folder )
can use a good external audio tool:

hi @ahmedali I might be wrong but I don’t think there is a single function for trimming audio yet.

Have you watched this tutorial on sound? - . 17.3 of the tutorial talks about going from one point of a song to another and setting up cues at a certain point in a song and other topics that deal with sound.

Other than that as of right now, i 2nd what @kll suggests. But, feel free to give us more detail of your project if you wish. Maybe there is another solution.

Thanks, a lot kll when I got you to reply my problem had solved. Thanks a lot, I solved it by AUDIOCONTEXT() in javascript.