Audio processing

Hi! I am new to p5.js and want to use the audio libraries to extract music tones from an audio clip that has instrumental music. Essentially, I want to display ‘freq’ in the ‘y’ axis versus time in the ‘x’ axis and notate the freq to a tone. For example a note played in ‘C sharp’ will be around 277 Hz and so forth for other notes. This way, I can figure out what is being played in the clip.

I can start with taking a fft of small time windows to put this together though its not clear to me if some functions already exist. Perhaps use correlation to reduce noise. Can someone advise if this is doable? Also, is there a limit to the size of the audio clip?


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P5 fft reference;

Thank you for the link - I saw this video and that’s what prompted me to use p5.js. The only thing i was not clear on is viewing the sound frequencies in time domain. I will take another look non-the-less.