Trap events with getHat in game control plus

Hi, i want to know if there’s a way to trap events with the dpad button in the game control plus library. i can trap events with buttons, for example the key A of the xbox controller might look like this: xbox.getButton("a").plug(this, "my_function", ControlIO.ON_PRESS);
but i don’t know how to make it the dpad key works, i would expect something like this, in where i specify the key that i’m using, but no. xbox.getHat("navigation").right().plug(this, "other_function", ControlIO.ON_PRESS);

@quark Hi, first of all thank you for this awesome library, and second sorry for tagging you but i still don’t know how to make this works. Greetings!

I have no problem with members tagging me, sometimes I end up missing a post about one of my libraries. :smile:

OK, the ‘hat’ is the four position switch found on the top af a joystick handle. There is no hat on an xbox controller, at least not on mine.

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Thanks for reply!, and the only way that I can have access to the functionality of the directional pad button is calling it as a hat button. For example, I called that dpad “navigation” and this works for it xbox.getHat("navigation").right().pressed()

Or, how can i have access to the directions from the dpad and trap events? i tried using the getButton function, but it doesn’t works for this button, or probably i’m missing something.

Plug your controller into the USB port and run the configurator example sketch that comes with the library. In the window that opens select your controller. A new window opens and lists all the IO devices it finds and has indicators that light up when you operate the controller so you can see their names.

Also I suggest you look at the videos on my website.