Translate Java code into Processing

Hello there, I was wondering if any of you could translate the following java code into processing:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class AtmMachine{

private static Scanner in;

private static float balance = 0 ; // initial balance to 0 for everyone

private static int anotherTransaction;

public static void main(String args[]){

in = new Scanner(;

// call our transaction method here



private static void transaction(){

// here is where most of the work is

int choice;

System.out.println( "Please select an option" );

System.out.println( "1. Withdraw" );

System.out.println( "2. Deposit" );

System.out.println( "3. Balance" );

choice = in.nextInt();

switch (choice){

case 1 :

float amount;

System.out.println( "Please enter amount to withdraw: " );

amount = in.nextFloat();

if (amount > balance || amount == 0 ){

System.out.println( "You have insufficient funds\n\n" );

anotherTransaction(); // ask if they want another transaction

} else {

// they have some cash

// update balance

balance = balance - amount;

System.out.println( "You have withdrawn " +amount+ " and your new balance is " +balance+ "\n" );



break ;

case 2 :

// option number 2 is depositing

float deposit;

System.out.println( "Please enter amount you would wish to deposit: " );

deposit = in.nextFloat();

// update balance

balance = deposit + balance;

System.out.println( "You have deposited " +deposit+ " new balance is " +balance+ "\n" );


break ;

case 3 :

// this option is to check balance

System.out.println( "Your balance is " +balance+ "\n" );


break ;

default :

System.out.println( "Invalid option:\n\n" );


break ;



private static void anotherTransaction(){

System.out.println( "Do you want another transaction?\n\nPress 1 for another transaction\n2 To exit" );

anotherTransaction = in.nextInt();

if (anotherTransaction == 1 ){

transaction(); // call transaction method

} else if (anotherTransaction == 2 ){

System.out.println( "Thanks for choosing us. Good Bye!" );

} else {

System.out.println( "Invalid choice\n\n" );





Oh geez. It’s another f%^&ing ATM machine. :lemon::lemon::lemon:

You are the third person here today trying to cheat their way through properly developing an ATM machine.

Did no one tell you to write your own code? YOU SHOULD WRITE YOUR OWN CODE.

Start with something simple. Can you get a blank sketch working? Can you then draw a rectangle? Can you thenm put some text on it? Now can you detect a mouse press? How about checking if the mouse press was over the rectangle?

That’s a button. Now make several of those so you can enter a PIN number. Now, what other logic do you need to have an ATM machine? It probably needs some notion of being in different states, so your sketch probably needs a state variant and then to draw different information based on the state.

Then you need a balance variable that can be adjusted based on how much is deposited or withdrawn.