Train Tracks with p5.js

I don’t know about other countries but here in the UK Train Tracks is a popular puzzle that appears in many newspapers.

This sketch provides an endless supply of randomly generated 6x6 Train Track puzzles that are guaranteed to be solvable. I plan to use this as the basis for a larger Train Tracks project for my website which will include

  • variable grid sizes from 6x6 to 15x15
  • user select minimum % of squares that have tracks
  • unlimited undo
  • way-points (definable undo positions)
  • proper GUI
  • user supplied puzzles

In the meantime I hope you enjoy solving the puzzles :smile:


Which newspapers you reading? Never ever seen one.

The following newspapers have published Train Track puzzles either in the paper or in separate compilations

The Times
The Telegraph
The Guardian
Daily Mail
My local weekly

I don’t know about the red-tops but I doubt it :wink:

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You could make a daily puzzle out if this, in the line of Wordle.
(But then you would need setting a cookie to mark the puzzle as “done”).

Train Tracks (Full Version)

The OpenProcessing version of Train Tracks (embedded in first post) was work in progress and had a number of issues which needed to be resolved.

So I have finally finished the final version of Train Tracks which you can play here. The puzzle starts with a 6x6 grid but you can edit the settings to get more challenging puzzles. Enjoy :grinning: