Trademark Guidelines?

Hello I have been using p5.js in my Computer Science dissertation project (an open audio web platform); one of the requirements is to make a poster promoting our product. I was wondering if I am allowed to use the p5.js logo on this poster? I understand p5.js comes under creative commons. I understand this is isn’t the ideal place to be asking a non-code related question, but I did not know where to ask properly. If any official member of the p5.js is reading this, please could you email me at with stating whether I am allowed to use the logo or not as I require formal written evidence stating I am allowed to use it (or not). This would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!

Hi – as long as you aren’t implying that the p5.js project is endorsing you, then you have wide latitude to use it however you like (in compliance with the license).

The copyright / license terms are here – you could provide that as evidence.

You can also try contacting project members via the p5js GitHub repo if you have further questions.

Is this a for-profit advertisement?

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