Can I include p5.js in a game download?


I made a game using p5.js and have it on my website. I have a code explanation section where I link to adn explane that I used it. I want to provide a download of my script so that people can check it out. Can I include p5.js in the download file so that there is no setup for the user, or should I just include my script and link them to a download?

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If you talking about law then p5.js is under GNU GPL 2.1 Licence. It gives freedom to share and change the source code. So including p5.js is not an issue.

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p5.js is free to use, Its an open-source software designed by TheProcessingFoundation.
TheProcessingFoundation wants community as open and inclusive as possible so they provide it under GNU GPL 2.1 Licence.
You can include p5.js in your source. You can even modify it as required and redistribute it.

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If we distribute any modified GPL code, we’ve gotta specify those changes as well. :face_with_monocle:

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Right – as github’s helpful autogenerated license summary says:


  • License and copyright notice
  • Disclose source
  • State changes
  • Same license (library)

But those “changes” are if you are modifying the p5.js library itself. If you are just making a sketch and just using p5.js unchanged, you don’t have any changes to state. Still – you could change and redistribute p5.js if you wanted to, you just have to state what you did.

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