There is an error, so I ask for advice: The program freezes. The program takes a lag

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Hello. Nice to meet you.

I want to make a monitoring program through’processing tool’.

There is an error in making, so I ask you for advice.

  1. Create a program through’processing tool’.

  2. Distributed as’exe’ file.

  3. If you leave the program on for a long time (between about 1 to 7 days), a freeze occurs.
    (The program freezes. The program takes a lag.)

So, as a solution

1.loop, noloop method

  1. How to lower the framerate when there is no click for a while

Is there any other good way? Help the experts.

Hi, I would make a program in AHK that plays in the background and never “freezes”.
AHK can send mouse clicks and keep the processing sketch alive.
(It can also click on buttons in the sketch.)

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Dear @noel
AHK / What`s mean?
It’s my first time listening.

AHK stands for

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You can download it at the link @Chrisir provided. It installs fast because it is really light weight.
It can run a program in the background that can detect windows, keys and mouse clicks. Also can it open windows, send keystrokes and mouse clicks. I made a program for someone on the forum,; see here.

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@Chrisir, @noel

Thank you. ~~

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