THE MIDI BUS - Program leaves draw Loop when exporting application


I wrote a program which takes MIDI input from my keyboard and displays graphics.
The program works fine until I am exporting it. After exporting the program seems to freeze after the first MIDI event is triggered. It seems like the draw loop is left, because the log entry I was creating at beginning of each draw call shows that after the first MIDI note is received the draw method is not called anymore. Even if I call “loop()” or “redraw()” it does not change this behavior.
I think that theMIDIBus is triggereing a new thread when an event is coming.

Does anything has experience witht theMIDIbus and / or multiple threads when programing with Processing? I do not know how I could possibly fix that. Thank you!

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Can you share the project so people can try to export and see if the problem replicates? Also, if you export an example code from themidibus, does the problem happen as well?

(I know the author of the lib but not sure if they can help because it is an old project)

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Hi and thank you very much for your reply. I fixed the bug and it was something else. I had a wrong file path when loading an image in the draw loop, which also was wrong when exporting the application, because the image was not placed in the data folder.