The function "noCursor()" does not exist

Hello, everyone, I have tapped the following code found as example in . While compilation, it told me that the function “noCursor()” does not exist, and The variable “HAND” does not exist. Have you meet any problems like this, thanks a lot for your suggestions.

void setup() {

// Press the mouse to hide the cursor
void draw() 
  if (mousePressed == true) {
  } else {

My processing is 3.5.4 in mac pro Mid 2015, with
|SDK Patch Applier v4|1||
|Android SDK Build-Tools|26.0.2||
|Android SDK Platform 28|6||
|Google APIs Intel x86 Atom System Image|10||
|Android SDK Tools|26.1.1||
|Android SDK Platform-Tools|29.0.6||

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Will not work when running the program in a web browser or in full screen (Present) mode.

Thanks, Chrisir, while, I have launched it in Processing IDE not web browser and disabled the full screen mode, it seems still not work. I guess it’s some problems of library, because I can not even complete the compilation, the error occurred while I build the project.

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Hi @bowo
This function does not work on P4A.

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Thanks a lot @noel, by the way, do you have ideal in which version, that function works?

@bowo ===
cursor() does not work in android mode because there is not any cursor object in the standard meaning for android; cursor is only used for list or data base and refers to the position of the item


@akenaton Thanks a lot, got it now.