textureWrap() is not setting after called a second time

I’m working on a program where some of the models need to have repeated textures and others do not require that. Where I am trying to repeat my textures I call textureWrap(REPEAT), and just to be sure I’ve put textureWrap(CLAMP) after the desired plane is rendered. I’ve ruled out the possibility of my desired textures being the incorrect size, as I am rendering other textures with a non-power-of-2 size and after not rendering them, everything works as intended. Is there any possible reason why a second calling of textureWrap() in the same frame is not working? Thanks.

Sorry if this question is kind of formatted weird its awfully late and don’t exactly know what I’m talking about.

If you are using PShape with textures, the texture mode of the PShape is only set by textureMode() when it is created. This means that calling textureMode() after creating a PShape doesn’t do anything. If this is the cause of your problem, you can either call textureMode() before creating each PShape, or you could force the texture mode by using PShape.setTextureMode() after creation.

Note: I looked at the Java source code for this behavior, but hopefully things shouldn’t be too different.