Tech.lity.rea.skatolo - textarea - string formatting

How can I format (basic formatting such as inserting a new line) the text (string) in a textarea controller of the tech.lity.rea.skatolo library?

That sounds like a pretty obscure lib, can you not make use of cp5 or g4p?

Hi Paul,
That lib was advised by Jafal to solve the Buttons/Mouseevent problems I had with the cp5 lib (see my post of june 18th). Btw the skatolo lib is a 90% clone of the cp5 lib. If text formatting in a textarea controller is possible in cp5 the my question is can I use both at the same time. For instance use skatolo for the buttons and cp5 for the textarea.

In most scenarios that wouldn’t be a problem, but if the libraries are almost duplicates then likelyhood is that it might cause conflicts because of shared method names. Doesn’t hurt to try though.

What exactly is it you need to achieve though, i have an alternate lib, I coded specifically to resolve these type of issues and if you don’t want the lib, I think I have the textarea class as a standalone sketch

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Thanks for your help but inserting the escape sequence \n solved the problem. Sorry

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