Text fields: cut&pasting to and from

I currently have code that reads a text file into an array, edits certain parts of the text, then writes the edits to a text file. Now I want to update this to a UI where I can paste the text into a text field, click a button to do the edits and have the edited text appear in a separate text field so I can select all and copy it. The output text will likely not all fit in the window, thus I need to be able to select all before copying it. Ultimately I want to export as app so a user can run it, a window appears that they can then C&P into and out of the window.

I’ve checked out ControlP5, and it looks good for the input part… not sure about the output.



there is a newer / and maintained / library you might try:
see example
G4P Text Area Control

Thanks. I’ll dl and chk that out.

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Other suggestions from previous posts:

Try them out and share solutions or issues that you find with any of this previous demos.


Thanks. I’ll check these out as well and will post final sol’n.