Teaching processing with the Music Hackspace

Hi there,

I’m JB, founder of the Music Hackspace. We’ve been running online workshops since March 2020, primarily focused on teaching music technologies to artists and hobbyists, but also interactive video (Jitter, Hydra…).

We are aiming to start offering workshops on Processing for musicians in 2021, to help them connect things together from MIDI devices, video mapping, Arduino, Max, etc.

We are looking for experienced Processing teachers with an equal passion for visual art and music, and artists interested to lead creative workshops. We project to offer several teaching positions on a contract basis. Experience with online teaching is preferred.

We are determined to break down diversity barriers, and we welcome applications from individuals who identify as issued from a minority (be it gender, ethnic or otherwise).

Please contact me here or by email, jb@musichackspace.org.

Thank you!

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