[TASK] Recreate blackjack in graphic module

As stated in the title, i want the blackjack game, it doesn’t need to be well made at all, it just need to work, and i have failed to do it myself :man_shrugging:.

Can pay $15 in PayPal or other forms of giftcards

Sounds like homework or an assignment to me and we don’t provide whole code solutions for that.


Not at all, my programming friend made a bet with be about it, because i don’t know dogshit about programming frankly put. And I’ve been watching videos on youtube trying to get help without any success. Now it has taken more time than intended, but i still want to win the bet :unamused:

So you took a bet with your mate that you could write a Blackjack program and you are prepared to cheat by getting someone else to write it for you. Good luck with that!


Yup, and thanks i guess :sweat:

If you want to learn how to do it so that you can win the bet, I recommend you start with a simple game and work your way up. Then you can ask questions in this thread and get help as you learn.

First, ignore the graphical display – just create an ArrayList of cards and press a button to draw a card. Then add a feature so that you can shuffle them before drawing. Then add a feature so that you can deal two cards.

At that point you will be ready to start working your way through the rules of blackjack. The graphical display (drawing an image for each card on the table / in your hand) can come last – frankly, it is the easy part.

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best thread ever :stuck_out_tongue:


as far as I see, here is a free Black Jack Card set.

So you don’t have to do the graphics your own

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I wouldn’t even do it for $15, and I’m poor! :sweat_smile:

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