I made a Fortune Telling Card Deck using p5.js

Hi there. I hope everyone is doing well !
I made this little project during my time in lock down in France.
I hope some of you will like it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I used p5 right at the start because I wanted to draw each cards with a generative approach. Thanks to that, I was able to play with a few parameters and then generate a whole deck of 30 cards. I also use noise() and noiseSeed(), to get random value and it turns out pretty handy.
I’m curious to hear you thoughts if you have any !


Nice project, love the visuals and the animations! :wink:

Are you able to add procedural colors like aquarelle to the cards as the ones in the background? (or you painted them by hand)

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Thanks @josephh !
I had this in mind but I didn’t implemented it yet. For now, I just colorized few of them manually, but doing it via procedural generation could be a great challenge, especially if we want to keep the animations on the cards since it would induce some performance issues (the frame rate is already low).
My guess is that I would need to use WEBGL to be able to use some shaders, which could
be quite fun :star_struck:

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Nice, I didn’t think about this one! It could be really cool to also have the colors spread like aquarelle on wet paper to colorize the cards… :heart_eyes: