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I will be upgrading to a 4k display from the current 1080P. I realize that at times, the increased pixel count will decrease my framerate/ performance. So I am trying to decide if a new system is warranted (or not). For background, I rarely go into P5’s WEBGL mode. I have played with programmed shaders but that also is not my usual route.

The usual area where things get slow for me, is when I go by each and every pixel (by row and column). I have seen where I can compare my current GPU to the the GPU in other systems (same for CPUs) but I doubt that overall system performance will be determined solely by GPU performance.

My current PC has 8 GB RAM installed but can handle 16GB. Current system is: CPU-Core I5 -5275U at 2.7 GHZ (apparently 2 cores and 4 logical processors), a solid state drive. The GPU is Intel Iris 6100 (apparently 1,900 transistors, 48 unified pipelines). This is in an appx 5 inch by 5 inch enclosure.

So my question is ‘I see two routes here, #1) simply upgrade current system to 16GB of RAM or #2) Buy a new system. Probably a 6 Core intel CPU, using separate RAM (not shared. current is shared). I saw an Nvdia GeForce GTX 1660 Super GPU in a relatively affordable system.’

Would the best path be to double the RAM in the current box and assess performance after that?


Ram is likely not going to be the limiting factor as it is used for storing informal, looping through pixels acts on the cpu and unless you are doing threading, it’s going to be limited to one core. Gpu shaders would be the way forward. The Gpu uses a different approach when it comes to completing tasks and will provide significantly better speeds providing that it supports 4k, however you may need one with a decent amount of memory as that’s a huge amount of pixels.

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If you want help writing a simple shader let me know