Syncing phase of multiple Oscil in Minim?

Kinda odd question (and hoping Dami Quartz might offer insight here) – is anyone familiar with syncing the phase between multiple Oscil (oscillator) objects in Minim? Over the years I’ve played a lot with both default waveforms (SINE, SAW, etc) and custom wavetables – and occasionally run into phase/sync issues between multiple Oscil’s, which can sometimes be solved by performing a reset() on them… but even then, one has to reset one than the others in a sequence, which technically might be always out of sync? Trying to figure out if there’s a way to have the Oscil objects all in sync – somehow forcing their phase to be based on a value (frameCount or millis() or ___) for more precision. Running into the issue right now while trying to sync a 3rd Oscill (all using custom waveforms)… the first two are fine… but the 3rd is constantly out of sync.

Did you ever resolve this issue?

I wasn’t clear from your description if you are using explicitly using the phase field and still having this problem, or if you are just trying to create / reset as quickly as you can…?

Does Dami have a username on the forum you can @, or other contact info?