Store the console/error log of the Processing IDE

I am trying to store the console to store errors when they occur in processing ide. I am making a custom library and using eclipse to make it. I was trying to use print streams to and store errors messages in them. Which works in eclipse but not in processing.

Is there a way in processing to store errors messages/console log?


I see error messages logged here:



And added a shortcut to this folder on my desktop.


Error log:


The Preferences for the IDE (click down at the bottom) take you directly to the folder that has the Console logs:

You could explore the Processing source code to see how this is done.
I will leave that adventure with you.
Please share when you find it.


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I would like to add that to get complete debug information in the log files you need to create a file with no extension and no content called ‘debug’, in the same folder mentioned by @glv. This causes debug messages to be displayed in real time on the PDE console and these will also end up in the log files, both error and output logs. This can be useful for developers of libraries, tools or modes.


Output log:

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You can just append your messages to a String Array and save it to your Hard Drive