SoundFile the wrong sampleRate

Does Processing only load audio files at 44.1KHz? I have an mp3 at 48KHz loaded to my sketch. I set the Sound object to 48KHz. My sound card is at 48KHz. But the file is loading at 44.1 and the slow playback confirms.

import processing.sound.*;

Sound sound;
SoundFile file;

void setup()
  sound = new Sound(this);
  file = new SoundFile(this, "Feel My Body feat. Xav A.mp3");;

void draw()

Printed to the console:


I guess that you set sound.sampleRate(48000) because you have other sounds at 48 KHz.
A solution is to open your 44.1 KHz file with Audacity (or other similar programs), to change the “Project Rate (Hz)” to 48000 Hz in the bottom left of the window, and finally to save it by exporting in your wanted format.