Some troubles using MidiBus on Mac


I really enjoy programming with Processing, and doing stuff with midi and synthesizers, and I’ve been working for quite some time on a little midi sequencer of my own using the MidiBus, which is great, but I realise I face several problems due to the fact that I’m doing this on Mac OS X, like (for instance, but it’s only one example) getting correctly midi devices names with MidiBus.availableOutputs(), which works perfectly fine with the exact same code on Linux, but brings me names like “Unknown name” on Mac, for some devices that are perfectly recognised on Linux. Couldn’t do the test on Windows, as I don’t have a PC with Windows at home.

If it was only a device name problem it wouldn’t be so bad, but of course, as the MidiBus page says, it seems there are quite a few other problems (sysex messages, etc) regarding midi management on Mac with this library.

The MidiBus web page (The MidiBus - Small but Digital) tells about this and suggests, as a solution, using (if I understood well) some lower level functions with MMJ, but the link leads nowhere (error 404. I eventually found the website but no mention of mmj on it), and I have absolutely no idea what this MMJ is. I don’t have a problem with using lower level functions, as long as I can find some documentation about it, but my research so far didn’t help.

Would anyone here have a clue about this?

Thanks by advance. :slight_smile: