Solo Exhibition, Selfie + CODE I and II (Typographic Selfie + CODE)

Dear All,

How are you? I hope that you are well. I would like to share my virtual solo exhibition, Selfie + CODE, at It is a collection of my generative selfies since 2015 by using Processing and Mirror Library by Daniel Shiffman. It will be a physical solo exhibition, Typographic Selfie + CODE, at CICA Museum in South Korea this June. For more information regarding me, you can visit

I am looking forward to getting your feedback.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer.

Yeohyun Ahn



Your website is blocked on Firefox due to the X-Frame Options policy : is also blocked in Chrome, unfortunately.

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Thank for letting me know. The domain name goes to the link at directly. Sometimes their server is out. I would update the website to a plain gallery soon. Thanks again!!!
Here is the direct link at
Have a wonderful day!

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