So close... how to display images from RSS

Hey again,

Returning after some code tweaks, I still can’t get images to display from RSS. I’ve significantly refactored my code and have successfully created a tool for grabbing and loading images. The problem arises when trying to display the images; I don’t know how to access loaded images from a class.

Here’s my code for loading images:

let getImages = function(xml) {
  let items = xml.getChildren("item");
  for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++ ) {
    let URL = items[i].getChild('media:content');
    if (URL) {
  for (const k of photos) { 
    new thingTemp(loadImage(k));

and here’s the class I’m using:

class thingTemp {
  constructor(photos) {
    this.x = random(windowWidth), 
    this.y = random(windowHeight), 
    this.lifespan = 80, = photos

This is the method used to display the image:

  display () {
    tint(255, this.lifespan);
    //image(photos[0], windowWidth/2, windowHeight/2);

Whenever I console.log( I get “undefined.” Obv that’s problematic because I can’t display an image from a non-existent URL.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Veirkant S.