Slot Machine - Time, Consequence, and Gratification

Hello Processing Members,

I am excited to share a new multimedia project I made using Processing (with plenty pf help from the forum team - thank you!) It isn’t complex code but it does exactly what I wanted it to do.

Please Wait I’m Not Done with My Diatribe, 2018

Please Wait I’m Not Done with My Diatribe is a multimedia slot machine offering escapism, mysticism, and a chance depiction of natural and technological entities intertwined. Inspired by environmental, psychological, and philosophical research, this multimedia experience reaches for the uncanny scope of time and consequence.

You can see it running on my webpage here:


Great to see your project. Thxs for sharing. I really like the concept. Are the three images related and would the observer draw their own conclusions? I am assuming all the interaction is random unless there is a message that you are try to convey in the show case.


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Hi @ kfrajer,

Thank you for visiting my work! Yes, there are 22 images and they are all related to a narrative that rotates between “progress”, nature, the passing of time, economics, and human choices. All the interaction is random but I vetted every possible combo to confirm that there could be a related read to overall theme of cognitive dissonance.

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I’m glad to see that everything turned out! It looks awesome @mnoble :smiley:


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Yes - thank you EnhancedLoop7!!!

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