Sketch without Gui - Terminal/Console only


Is there a way to start a sketch without opening a canvas window?

I want to create a program running in terminal/console only (Linux - Raspbian).
In this case for a RaspberryPi in headless mode (without X).

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards

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With a little bit of googling I hound this older thread pondering on the same issue. Hard to say if it’s still up to date, but it looks solid. @GoToLoop can perhaps verify?

Some info on this page too

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I already had some experience with xvfb-run. In my opinion it’s a pain in the a… to use. I would prefer to do it inside the code instead of using an external program to redirect everything into a dummy graphical output.

Is there something specific that requires Processing? Otherwise I would just write it as simple plain Java code.