Simulate Mouse click and Key (Robot class)

I have found some information about simulate click mouse and simulate a keypressed using Robot library. I am using Processing 3 and I dont find this library. Please, can you tell me where to download and information about this simulates?
thank you very much

I think that you mean the java.awt.Robot class. It is part of the Java programming language so to use it simply add this include statement at top of your sketch code.

import java.awt.Robot;


The library seems to be really interesting!
However I can’t seem to get it working.

Would you mind pointing me towards a processing-friendly source for the robot library?
Like how to create a screen capture program?


I would if I could but I have never used the Robot class in Processing, in fact I am not sure if I have ever used it. Several times I thought about using it to create a help//demo system for Processing sketches to promote my libraries but have never got round to it LOL.

Any way I have seen many references to the Robot class in this forum so if you search for “Robot class” from the main Processing website home page (not discourse) you get this [result](https://robot class

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link robot class - Google Search

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