Library that allows for mouse control

Ok, so I wanted to know wether there is some library that allows you to control what the mouse does (which buttons are being pressed and where it moves). I think I’ve seen something like this in c# or something idk and when googling for such a library I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know about such a library (or perhaps even an already built-in function in Processing I didn’t know of)?

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You’re probably looking for

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This has been discussed on the forum many times.

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Thanks a lot, but how do I get it to work in Processing?

Like any other built-in Java library - you need to import it. For example (make sure you know how to quit using Escape!)

import java.awt.Robot;

Robot robot;
int x,y;

void setup() {
 try {
   robot = new Robot();
 } catch (Exception ex) {

void draw() {
  x %= 500;
  y %= 500;

If you’re using P2D / P3D it’s better to use the JOGL library for this though.

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Thank you! It works just as I wanted

Just one more thing, when I want to press the left mouse button, which parameter do i need to put into the robot.mousePress() function?

I believe that is BUTTON1 – although I haven’t tested the ways of referring to it.

Note in particular:

int button = InputEvent.BUTTON1_MASK
int button = InputEvent.getMaskForButton(1); 
int button = InputEvent.getMaskForButton(MouseEvent.BUTTON1);