Simple send and receive via bluetooth

Hi there. I am trying to talk to my arduino from my android device via bluetooth.ideally i would like to be able to send data via serial like in the desktop processing environment but i have not yet found a way to do this.
i have installed the ketai library as it seems to simplify things somewhat but the bluetooth example required 2 android devices (i only have one) and also used OscMessages to encapsulate data which seems overly complex.There is also no mention of setting the baudrate which seems strange to me. i came across the BtSerial library but was unable to install it, perhaps it no longer runs on the latest version of processing. if anyone could help me understand how to send and receive data over bluetooth from android in a simple fashion (like how simple it is in processing desktop) i would be very grateful.

I can suggest to explore one of the many tutorials available on the web. Processing does not carry many examples but you should be able to find one in the Arduino community. Some of them might be outdated, so try to look for more recent ones. If you find an example code that is arduino and java but not Processing-based, you should be able to use it with Processing.